Welcome to my blog.

この度は『迷ったら 楽しい方を えらぶのが いいと思う』にお越し下さり誠にありがとうございます。菊 / KIKUと申します。





Welcome to my blog.

I am Kiku. If we are unsure what to do, I think it would be better to choose what we think is fun. The title of my blog means this thought.This blog has been updated irregularly. I am mainly writing about my daily life in DIARY. In STUDY, I am try to write what I learned in many multifarious books, especially I am interested in classics. You may refer to ABOUT for details.

When you feel something or have an opinion about my articles, I would appreciate it if you could communicate with comments or Hatena-stars.

Thank you very much for reading my blog.


歡迎到我的博客. 我是菊.

您能把這個當做是我自己個人的意見來听就好了. 如果您有感想或者意見的話, 請一定要告訴我.